Eyes on the Pride
تصویر غرور شیر در ماسای مارا، کنیا
تصویر غرور شیر در ماسای مارا، کنیا
دانلود عکس

Your Shot member Paul Lynch captured this “family portrait” while on a long-awaited trip to Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve. During the last day of the trip, Lynch’s Maasai guide urged the group to take a last drive around before their morning flight to Nairobi. “We didn’t expect to see much on this final drive, as we were a bit rushed to get back in time for our flight,” he writes. “Oh, how we were pleasantly surprised, as we came upon the Olkiombo pride of lions shortly after sunrise!” Lynch got shots of the family playing together—not so different, he notes, from photographing his kids at home. “Then, for one fleeting moment, four of the larger lions looked directly at me, as if acknowledging my presence. I quickly took the shot and immediately knew I had something special.”

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